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Lidia Pesulo

Age: Gender:
18 Male
Siblings: Living Situation:
5 Living with Mother
Economic Support: School:
Agriculture Victory Secondary School
Grade: Attending School Now:
Form 1 Yes
Youth Club: Hobbies:
Delyre Playing games, Sudoku
English: Goals:
Yes Become a Nurse
Family: Cost per Term:
Father Passed 36,000 Kwaches ($50 USD)

  Lidia is a very sweet young lady, with a sweet smile and a kind heart. She enjoys to spend time with her friends and play games. She always likes to live her life with a smile on her face and always making the best of bad situations. Life has not been the most kind to Lidia. Once her father died, her life completely changed. Her father was a kind, loving man who worked hard to support his family. He helped provide them with the necessities they needed. When he died, that changed. Though her mother is also a very hard worker, she found herself struggling under the weight of supporting 6 children. They simply did not have enough money. Lidia's family often went without food, it being too expensive to purchase. In addition, purchasing the children school materials, also proved an impossible task. Lidia does not have a backpack, often carrying her notebooks in her hand on the way to school. What happened next, was very hard for Lidia. The school fees of 36,000 Kwachas was too much to pay. Lidia was chased from school, told she couldn't return until she paid. She hasn't yet found the money to pay. She has been out of school for several terms because her family simply cannot afford the price. Maphunziro Project has arranged with the headmaster of Lidia to allow her to attend the third term of 2017-2018 year, and have the debt paid back when a sponsor for her could be found. It is very important to Lidia, and her future that she can keep attending school. She hopes to become a nurse, a well paying profession, a job that would allow her to support herself and her family, changing her children's futures so they do not know the same hunger that she has known.

To sponsor Lidia Pesulo, send an email to support@educate-malawi.com containing their name. We will set up a video call so you can be introduced to the student and their specific needs.