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Priscilla Ngulube

Age: Gender:
23 Female
Siblings: Living Situation:
3 Boarding at School
Economic Support: School:
Husband DAPP Amalika TTC
Grade: Attending School Now:
Year 2 Yes
Youth Club: Hobbies:
- Netball, Reading, Music
English: Goals:
Yes Become a Primary School Teacher
Family: Cost per Term:
Parents Passed $171 USD

  Priscilla didn’t originally dream of being a teacher, she wanted to be a nurse. She wanted to help people and save lives. However after she took her final exams as a Form 4 student, she found that she had been accepted into a Teacher Training College. She signed immediately, any form of higher education was better than none. However, just after signing, she got married and soon became pregnant. Everyone told her that she could no longer pursue a higher education, her role was to be at home with her husband and child, doing her womanly duties like cleaning and cooking. She very much disliked the idea, but what was she to do. She stayed with her family for 11 months after her son was born, until her uncle came in from South Africa, saw her unhappiness and told her she needs to go to school, he would send money. She waited and waited for the money to come, but all he said was soon. She then enrolled in Amalika anyways, beginning her journey to become a teacher. She soon fell in love with her profession, knowing that she had taken the correct path. But still she was unable to pay the fees, a friend’s mother was able to pay part of her school fees, allowing her to continue. However, the mother can no longer pay her for own daughter’s as well as Priscilla’s, causing Priscilla to return home to her husband and two year old son. She hopes that she can find a sponsor so she can finish her certificate and become a teacher in the primary schools of Malawi. Because she is a college student instead of a secondary student, her school fees are slightly higher. For the three year college, the total school fee is 550,000 Kwachas, which totals in $764 USD. Which for an entire college education, is very minimal in comparison to American University. So far, she with the assistance of her friend’s mom has paid 180,000 Kwachas or $250 USD. She is remaining with a balance of 370,000 Kwachas or $513 USD. She will finish her education in July of 2019, needing all her fees to be finished. St

To sponsor Priscilla Ngulube, send an email to support@educate-malawi.com containing their name. We will set up a video call so you can be introduced to the student and their specific needs.