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Paul Billiati

Age: Gender:
16 Male
Siblings: Living Situation:
5 Living with Mother and Grandmother
Economic Support: School:
Agriculture Chinthebe Primary School
Grade: Attending School Now:
Standard 8 Yes
Youth Club: Hobbies:
Manjolo Drama, Football
English: Goals:
Yes Become a Pilot
Family: Cost per Term:
Father Passed -

  Paul, his siblings and their mother all live with his grandparents. After his father died, it became nearly impossible for his mother to continue supporting him and his siblings on her own. His grandparents work as hard as they can to help feed and maintain the large family, but sometimes it is very hard.

To sponsor Paul Billiati, send an email to support@educate-malawi.com containing their name. We will set up a video call so you can be introduced to the student and their specific needs.