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Gift Wyson

Age: Gender:
17 Male
Siblings: Living Situation:
6 Living with Aunt
Economic Support: School:
General Labor Mountain View Government Secondary School
Grade: Attending School Now:
Form 1 Yes
Youth Club: Hobbies:
- Football
English: Goals:
Yes Become a Soldier
Family: Cost per Term:
Parents Passed 5,500 Kwaches ($8 USD)

  Gift has lived his life trying to look at the positive side of things. But life hasn't been so kind. His parents died while he was still young. His oldest sister took over the role for caring for all 6 siblings, causing deep financial instability for the family. The headmaster of his school began to notice that he wore the same ratty clothes every single day, as he didn't have even a second shirt he could change into. She and several other of Gift's teachers gathered together what little clothes they could spare and gave them to him as a present. The headmaster has even allowed him to continue attending school without paying the 5,500 kwachas per term in school fees. However she cannot allow him to continue attending for free, as that does affect school's performance when the money isn't paid. Maphunziro Project has arranged with the headmaster of Mountain View Private Secondary School to allow him to continue earning an education and allow him to pay the fees at a later time with the assistance of a sponsor.

To sponsor Gift Wyson, send an email to support@educate-malawi.com containing their name. We will set up a video call so you can be introduced to the student and their specific needs.