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Lyness Magombo

Age: Gender:
18 Female
Siblings: Living Situation:
5 Living with Mother
Economic Support: School:
Agriculture Blessings Secondary School
Grade: Attending School Now:
Form 2 Yes
Youth Club: Hobbies:
Nkaombe Netball, Football, Reading
English: Goals:
Yes Become a Nurse
Family: Cost per Term:
Father Passed 12,000 Kwaches ($17 USD)

  Lyness is a very energetic young girl, with a knack for kindness. She enjoys to spend her time being social, interacting in school with friends, playing many different sports, or simply being around her house and enjoying the company of her neighbors and family. She knows how to work very hard, often doing many of the chores of upkeep for her family like cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and washing the clothes for the family. Though she works hard, especially with school, it is very hard for her and her family to keep her in school. She is in her second year and has found it very hard to keep attending every new term. When school fees are required by the headteacher, she is often chased away for not having them. Sneaking back to school as often as she could to continue her learning, until her family could pay and she could stay. Her family's troubles started after her father passed, causing a great rift in the earning of their family's money. Her father was a great worker and brought in enough necessary money to keep her family going, but when he passed, it did more than emotional damage to her mother and the rest of the family. Her mother struggled to find the money to support the large family. Lyness is hoping to receive a sponsorship so she can go to school without fear of being told to leave for school fees, and so her family can save the money they would have spent, to use in other ways to provide for the family.

To sponsor Lyness Magombo, send an email to support@educate-malawi.com containing their name. We will set up a video call so you can be introduced to the student and their specific needs.