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You will be given the opportunity to develop a deep bond with your student.

Two Simple Requirements for Becoming a Sponsor:

You will continue to support your student until their graduation from Secondary School. The student's educations needs must be fulfilled including school fees and materials during their time at secondary school.

Our contract is open ended. We have left it like this so all decisions remain between sponsors and students.

Many students struggle with other aspects of their lives, including fighting hunger, not having funds to purchase clothes, soap, or other homely materials, as well as assisting with rent. It is likely, that the students may ask for your support in these other areas.

Maphunziro Project has left the negotiations for these allowances to be made between Sponsors and Students. The Sponsor has the right to only provide the educational necessities or help the student in other areas of their life.

View our contract here.

Wanting to help more? We'll help you provide any number of additional opportunities.

• Phone plan for additional communication.

• Extra money for food.

• Additional non-academic costs like clothing and sanitation.

• Support your student's entire family with agricultural tools (or an equivalent)

• Rent or Room (Only in certain cases)

• Post-Secondary Education

So you want to be a sponsor...

How do I choose a student?

Simply click the button below and start discovering students! Find a student who strikes your interest, taking into account all of their information.

Students in Need

How long will I be sponsoring my student for?

You will be sponsoring your student until they complete their secondary education. Depending on the student's grade level, you may be sponsoring them from as short as one year, or as long as 4 years. Sponsoring starts at the beginning of each school year.

Standard 8 = 4 years of sponsorship
Form 1 = 3 years of sponsorship
Form 2 = 2 years of sponsorship
Form 3 = 1 years of sponsorship

How much does sponsoring a student cost?

The amount required for school fees varies from school to school. Depending on the type of Secondary School your student attends, Government, National, Private, or Boarding. These fees range from 6,000 Kwaches to 48,000 Kwaches for each of the 3 terms per year ($8.50 USD - $67 USD per term or $25.50 USD - $201 USD per year)

There are additional material fees, at the beginning of each year, each sponsored student will receive the following:

• 1 new Backpack (if previous one is not in good condition)
• 30 Soft Notebooks (10 per term)
• 5 Graphite Pencils
• 1 Large eraser
• 1 Pencil Sharpener (If student does not have one)
• 10 Pens
• 1 New Uniform
• 1 New Pair of Shoes

What kind of contact will I have with my student?

A number of opportunities are available for you to communicate with your student.

• Monthly Skype calls are set up by the Maphunziro Team
• You can choose to invest in a cell phone for your student, allowing daily calls and texting.
• If you wish to travel to Malawi to visit your student, we would love to help you arrange and advise for transportation, lodging, food, and even provide additional tips regarding customs/cultures, and travel destinations.

I'm ready to be a sponsor, now what?

Contact Us! Send an email to support@educate-malawi.com containing your contact information and we'll get back to you as soon as possible about further steps.

We believe it is incredibly important for you to become invested in your student, after all, you are changing their life!

This initial meeting will also cover any additional costs the student may have, as well as the how your student will be receiving the money.

Last but not least, you and your student will sign a contract with each other, any questions you might have can be answered at this meeting. You'll both get a copy of the contract to keep.