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100% of the proceeds go directly to pay for the necessities of the students education. If you decide to sponsor a student or simply make a monetary donation every last cent makes a difference!

How is the money handled?

A number of precautions have been made to prevent mishandling:


• Only trusted staff members are allowed to withdraw funds from the bank.
• There must be four of these members present for funds to be withdrawn.
• Receipts from all transactions are carefully saved and recorded.

Where does my donation go?

• The donation for student's school fees will transfer directly to the School's Bank Account.
• The donation for the student's stationary materials will be withdrawn by staff and purchased the same day.
• The donation for any allotted student's all allowance will be withdrawn by staff and given to the student to purchase necessary needs.
• Any monetary donation given directly to Maphunziro Project will be given to support staff transportation costs, and extra fees the Project accumulates while assisting the students, as well as given to purchase stationary materials for Primary Students who are also in need of support.

What does my donation go to?

•Purchasing materials for both Secondary and Primary School Students in the Blantrye/Thyolo District.
•Paying for Secondary Student’s Education Fees who have not yet been sponsored, allowing them to keep earning an education.
•Transportation Costs for the Student Supervisors to effectively support the students at their schools and in their homes.
•Event costs when courses are given to the Student’s and their Parents.
•General Operation Costs.

How can I donate?

Contact support@educate-malawi.com for banking information!