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Project Founder:

Danae Archuleta

  My name is Danae Archuleta. I am the founder of Maphunziro Project. I was born in Colorado, United States. After I graduated High School, I continued on to become a Development Instructor through DAPP and One World Center Michigan. I studied six months with One World Center on the problems of poverty. Learning more and more about the world that we truly live in. I spent those months of preparation for the work that I would begin in Malawi, learning to correctly implement sustainable change. I learned the differences between improper and harmful foreign aid, and helpful foreign aid. Learning to fight shoulder to shoulder with the communities, instead of fighting for them. I am currently a Core Group Teacher at DAPP's Teacher Training College, Amalika. Through these organizations, I have been able to start my partnership with the communities of Thyolo and Blantyre, Malawi and begin implementing sustainable change.


  It was one afternoon while I was attending a tree planting event with fifteen youth clubs in the neighboring communities of Amalika, that one boy stood up and said to me “Is there anything you can do to help the orphans? We want to go to school too”. It got me thinking about all the resources I brought to Malawi and all the resources I have back home. I resounded with a definite yes. I knew there was something I could do to help.

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Facebook: Danae Archuleta

  I created this organization because I could see the need for it in the communities near Amalika TTC. Families have an incredibly hard time supporting the students all the way through education, many families simply do not have the money it requires for Secondary School. Many families do not have the money for even the stationary materials required for the children to attend Primary School effectively.


I was once told that a student without a pencil will remain illiterate.

I knew the importance to create a system to supply students with the resources necessary to succeed in school.
  It is my deepest hope that all the students who are asking for support find sponsors with equal passion to help. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel to Malawi and help the students face to face. It is my hope, that sponsors can use this organization as a leaping point to make a sizable difference in a young Malawian's life.

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The School:

Amalika Malawi

  The project idea builds its philosophy at training local Malawi male and female youths to become primary school teachers for the rural areas of Malawi. Teachers who are dynamic, trained and highly motivated in teaching children and the community. Teachers who think that learners in primary school all have the potential to become skilled and productive members of society. The trained teachers acquire knowledge in modern ways and teach learners the importance of the same technique. The trained teachers facilitate community activities to help create a better and more efficient environment.

  DAPP Amalika Teacher Training College was approved in November 2008 by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The college was officially inaugurated by the country's late President Ngwazi Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika, on 21st August 2009. The first team of teachers graduated in August, 2010. The college has a capacity of 160 students. The college has graduated 481 teachers (311 boys and 170 girls). The teachers are teaching in various schools in rural primary schools, hence making a significant impact on the school environment and communities around the schools.

Hosting Organization:

One World Center

  Based in Dowagiac, Michigan, United States. One World Centers partners with Humana People to People and DAPP in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia


  One World Center is a non-profit research organization with a mission to inspire and empower ordinary people to take action against worldwide poverty and climate change. Using an innovative teaching and learning environment, we cultivate social change through the power of ideas and direct action to help build sustainable communities around the world.