How to Sponsor



Students in Need


---- Maphunziro means Education ----


The best way to develop a nation is to enable the
youth to change it themselves. They have the power
and vision to change the world for the better.
We as educators just have to give them the knowledge
to make the opportunity available.

The Mission:

Maphunziro Project's mission is to find sponsors for Secondary School students in the communities of Malawi, so they can continue receiving an education. By paying school fees and purchasing school materials you open the door for a better life.

Who -

We focus on the students in the most need. We have created a space meant only for the students who could never attend school without assistance of a sponsorship.We want to let these students know, that their education is just as important as anybody else. We want to give them a the power to create a better future for themselves. Education is the only way.

What -

Educate Malawi is based on the idea that everyone deserves an equal education. Maphunziro Project was created to combat the problems students face when receiving an education, giving students who would never have the opportunity, the ability to change their lives. We are a sponsorship program, linking up people and families in the United States to Secondary students in Malawi.

Where -

Maphunziro Project is based at DAPP Amailka Teacher Training College. We help the students in the surrounding communities, including Thyolo District and Blantyre District.

Why -

Many students struggle to obtain all the necessary money required for school. Many students don't have any other option but to drop out. By sponsoring a student, you can be the change that the student needs. You help supply her with enough opportunity that she can change the layout of her future. By paying school fees, and purchasing school materials you have the opportunity to be the life changing force these students are so direly in need of. Creating a stable life for herself, for her children, and her later generations.

100% of the proceeds go directly to pay for the necessities of the students education.
The money given for school fees goes directly to the school from the bank.
The money given for stationary and materials is received by a hand chosen committee to purchase the materials, with a direct delivery to the student's hands.
We are preventing any and all money mishandling by creating an environment where it is not possible.
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